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Tomorrow marks Crossover's 1st month of broadcasting!!  We had our first official broadcast on February 1, 2012! We have a few volunteers on our team that have worked together over the past years to bring Crossover to completion.  The few days before the launch were long and tedious days of learning and putting everything together to be ready to finally broadcast!  On February 1st, the volunteer group all met at the studio before the break of dawn to prepare for the launch.  (Don't worry, we had doughnuts and milk there for breakfast!  But, no eating in the studio!) At 6 a.m., we all sat together in anticipation as Pastor Joe turned the dials up and started broadcasting the station with a prayer.  We then started with our first item on the programming schedule, Grace Upon Grace from Pastor Mark Martin.  As the day went on, the excitement level stayed high!  We were all smiles in the studio as we took turns getting on the mics and talking on 88.9!  We even put a caller on the air!  Pastor Bob Coy joined us from Florida to talk about Crossover.  All in all, the day was unforgettable and it is amazing to look back at the miracles and the way God provided to let us experience that special day.  We don't ever want to forget it!  A special thanks to our listeners who provide their encouragement and support.  We are so excited to see God continue working through Crossover in the next month, and the next... and until it's 1st birthday... and the years to come!